Our apartment in Paris

Our apartment in Paris is small. We are staying by a big train station called Saint Lazare. The name is called sweet Inn and we have been living here for 2 months. We have only one bathroom and all the kids sleep together in one room. Here are the pros and cons.           Pro 1 spacious dinner table and kitchen. Con 1 noisy cars all day long out the window. Pro 2 nice living room and privacy curtains. Con 2 no air conditioning! Those are the main pros and cons. We are on the 5 floor. Here is some pictures.

the kids bedroom.
Dining room.
My brother and sister looking out of the window!
The Air conditioning! It is hot in the summer!
the Single bathroom that is smaller then a ant.
The entrance elevator! number 5!
Our view from the table. Notice the drying rack. We have to hang it up every time we dry something and It is a very boring chore. the washing machine dobels as a drying feture but it takes 4 hours and the cloths are very wrinkled when they come out. My mom does the laundry and I do the drying and I Also put away the cloths.
The courtyard in between our apartment and other apartments. A long way down!
A chair that is wobbly! Nobody likes this chair.
the chair that makes you fall over and sometimes falls for no reason.

You have to type a code to get into the lobby and our elevator goes right to the room but you have to type in another code. Please comment ideas for more blogs below because I need more subjects to blog about.Logan signing off.



Memorable Paris adventures & pics

hello guys, sorry I haven’t been blogging. We got home just 3 weeks ago (to California) and are starting the school year. I am going to post pictures and stories on this blog about my Paris adventure.

Me on the tower! The river is the seine river and it goes through almost all of paris.

number 1. Eiffel tower.This picture was taken on top of the Eiffel tower and It was so high! Before going up it  We had a baguette hot dog picnic.  I remember being a little scared going up because the elevator moved very slow.we went to the second floor because to go to the top we would have to book it many weeks in advance. It was a little crowded but we got to see the sunset! When we came down we took the stairs and the bright lights shining on the tower hurt our eyes so we closed them. I remember thinking, when will these stairs end! this was probably my favorite adventure in paris.

me and dad on the second floor. the red thing is the elevator.

uw24p6fpq5kwzjb5annbsa.jpg number 2. Catacombs! These may look fake but they are real bones!these bones used to be in a cemetery. But when this guy named Haussmann decided to make paris more organized,these bones were in the way of a new road! So they moved them to these passageways that are below the metro lines. The reason that the passage ways are here is because  rocks that were used for building where down here so they mined down and created 1-2 miles of passageways.you couldn’t touch the bones but it was cool. the caves were cold, damp, and were lit by cool lights. The only down side was the long line to go in. we went on a hot day so we got cool because down there the temperature was 51 degrees farenheit! this was a fun adventure.

These creepy heads are hundreds of years old!

Number 3. {last one!} Ark de triumph. This awesome memorial survived WW2 without being destroyed. You have to go under the ground to get to it because the cars would smash you is you tried to cross the street. the structure has like, 12 main roads that all lead to a different side of it. we went to the top and saw all the lights come on in the city! it was amazing! there was no elevator so we had to climb the whole way up. It was fun.

cars france landmark lights
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

That was paris. comment down below and enjoy!

Cute Guinea pig facts and picture gallery

Guinea pigs make cuddly pets. People love these docile animals because they enjoy holding them and petting them. They love hay, veggies, and normal guinea pig food. There are ten types of guinea pigs. There is the American guinea pig, the Abyssinian,the Peruvian, the Silkie, the Teddy, the Texel, the White Crested, the Rex, the Himalayan, and last but not least, the Skinny Pig. They all have their names because of physical attributes, so the Teddy is called the Teddy because of its resemblance to a Teddy Bear. My favorite is the either the American or the Teddy. Sadly, many skinny pigs are dumped and deserted because they have no fur and people think they are ugly, but I think all guinea pigs are cute and deserve a nice home. Here is my picture gallery. It includes many types of guinea pigs.

guinea pig over white
American guinea. really Cute!
teddy guinea small and wiry
Rex guinea. has woolish hair
texel guinea eating lettuce. show guinea
the skinny pig. cute little guy!

All of these guys would like to snuggle with you. I hope you liked the pictures. Any questions put them below. Bye for now, Logan.

Book Review Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings is possibly my favorite book. The hero, Frodo Baggens struggles to obtain the Ring of Power while also making a desperate attempt to save middle earth from Saron the great eye and his army of orcs, trolls, goblins, and defeat Saron’s 9 Ring Wraths which have taken over after many years of hiding. You watch the story infold from third person, the narrator. He tells the great literature by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Intrigued?  Your should be! Frodo has friends like Gimli, Sam, Pippin, and Legolas to help him battle evil orcs and trolls. There are 6 books in the Lord of the Rings and 1 book which is the prelude called The Hobbit. The Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite books and my favorite character is either Sam (a hobbit),Gimli (a dwarf),Legolas (an elf),or Aragorn(a man). IMG_6564.jpg  The big book!IMG_6565                                                                                                                                           1008 pages of adventure!  Have you read any of the books in this series? What is your favorite book and why?

Tuileries garden fun!

The amazing  Tuileries garden. Tuileries is a garden where you can do lots of things. Its location is right by the Louvre museum and the palace de concord (a national monument) so lots of tourists stroll across the park.The park itself is fairly big with a playground and a restaurant.But this summer the park hosted a HUGE carnival.there was bumper cars, a fun house, merry-go-round, and a giant Ferris wheel. We decided to go on some of the rides. first we rode the humongous Ferris wheel when the sunset. We could see almost all the famous buildings and monuments from the big wheel. Next we did the crazy fun house. We ran into glass walls, climbed moving stairs,walked on floors that jolted, and went down the cool slide.It was crazy!! Then we did the fast-moving bumper cars. There were these guys that were kind of bullies because they ganged up on the other people and got them hard, but me, Colton,and dad got them too.the last ride I did was special bubbles where you go inside and run around on a small pool.me, Colton, and Megan did it together and ran around.it was fun.I have some cool pictures to show you below.IMG_4997   the grandiose Ferris wheel that we went on.


The space funhouse that we went on.


The cool bubbles that we did. That was Tuileries garden.please ask questions down below.

The Eiffel Tower and facts about Paris

Because I am in Paris for a while, you might want to know some facts about the big Eiffel Tower and daily life in Paris. Paris, in my opinion is huge! The monuments are always crowded and the streets are sometimes filled with people. Their bread is called baguette and is very good for picnics because you can rip it and eat it with salami. The metro is crowded at 4 to 7 o’clock pm (people get off work). My dad relocated here for 3 months so we came too. The Eiffel Tower is very tall. Our favorite place to see it is the Trocadero. The Trocadero is a little plaza where tourists see an unobstructed view of the Eiffel Tower. These street sellers try to sell you little metal models of the tower. They say, “1 Euro, 1 Euro” (the currency in france). They get annoying. 1 euro is equal to 1 dollar 20 cents in US money. The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 world fair and is 1,063 feet tall. The maker, Gustave Eiffel built it to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the French revolution. The Parisians did not like it at first (because of the metal frame) but now they appreciate the tower because it is a symbol of Paris to everyone in the world.  With views that stretch for 40 miles on a clear day, it is still the most visited monument in Paris. IMG_4756At night on Bastille day when the fireworks go off.IMG_4572Me eating a baguette hot dog at Trocadero.           IMG_5771Miniature models of the tower that the street sellers sell.                                                            If anyone has a question or comment please write it below.

My top Three Wii Video Games

Today I will tell you my top three Wii games. The wii is a pretty good console. Its games are produced really well. I like these three most.                                                                                    1. Super Smash Bros Brawl  This game is outstanding because of the variety of characters. They use all Nintendo cast with old and new heroes and villains like Mario vs Bowser, Link vs Gainendorf,and Kirby vs Meta knight. Each player has a favorite and a character which they are strongest with. The objective is to hit the other players with attacks to knock them out of the screen. There are special attacks that hit the other players   really hard. As you go you unlock more people to fight with. Here are some cool pictures.    smashbros                                                                       The entire cast of brawlers                                                   IMG_1128-3                                                                                                              battling together I am ice climbers and my brother is snake                                                                                                                                           2.Kirbys Return to Dreamland this game is one of the 4 player Kirby games with new enemies. The objective is to get all the pieces for a big broken ship to help this guy named Magolor that crashed on your planet. You collect the pieces and give them to Magolor and unlock sub-games in his broken ship. You can suck up enemies in levels and get powers like sword, spark,water,rock,and cutter just to name a few.    It is a fun game because Kirby has cool attacks and you can get special powers like Ultra sword and giant beam. It is a fun game. Here is a couple pics. IMG_1129                                            swimming level I am pink sword                                                                 IMG_1134.JPG                                                                                                                                                           The enemy is the cactus guy.my dad is meta knight and my brother is sword                                                                                                                                 3.Mario Kart this game was a hit when It came out. It has sold 37 million copies! This was my first video game ever. my cousin Nick was the one who taught me how to play and 7 years later I still like the game. Thanks Nick! The game has awesome features like the team race, coin battles, and the speed your car travels.  You race your friends and the computer on 32 different tracks. You can get items that knock opponents out of your way and items that give you boosts.my favorite item is the big mushroom because  The characters are all from Mario. It is a fun game.

Close fourth, Super Mario bros wii. Those are my top three wii video games.